Suede Brush Magic: Cleaning & Restoring Shoes

With quality suede shoes costing upwards of hundreds of dollars, proper care between professional cleanings saves you money and preserves suppleness. The humble suede brush plays an outsized role, wielding gentle friction to lift ingrained dirt, revive flattened naps, and redistribute essential oils. This revitalizing brushdance transforms sad, matted suede back to buttery soft luxury.

Follow these suede brush techniques and maintenance programs to banish stains, erase scuffs, and constantly refresh the plush brushed texture suede is revered for.

Suede Brush Benefits

Natural and synthetic suede consist of delicate fiber clusters called naps lifted vertically from the hide’s grain surface during finishing. These ultra-fine naps intersperse millions of empty pockets that trap dirt, debris, body oils, and water residuals.

Over time, the vertical naps compress down under pressure. Dirt builds up while embedded oils turn rancid. The suede loses its color depth and sensually soft texture.

Wielding specialized stiff and soft suede brushes rejuvenates napped surfaces by:

  • Lifting crushed naps to restore loft
  • Agitating away deeply ground-in dry contaminants
  • Redistributing healthy conditioning oils
  • Blending in color loss and abrasions

With proper suede brush use, shoes self-clean while revitalizing the signature cozy, brushed texture.

Suede Brush Types

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Suede brushes come in a variety of natural and synthetic filament types, bristle shapes, and brush sizes for different cleaning purposes:

Bristle Filament Materials

1. Metal Bristles

Stainless steel bristles offer durability for frequent, vigorous heavy-duty scrubbing. Use on shoe interiors and outsoles. Avoid metal bristle contact on suede uppers as tiny particles released during brushing can cut into naps.

2. Natural Bristles

Bristles cut from stiff natural materials like boar hair, horse hair, or vegetable fibers work well for everyday napped surface revival. The glossier the natural bristles, the gentler the brush. Veining and scale texturing make bristles more abrasive.

3. Nylon Bristles

Nylon makes excellent soft brush bristles. Ultra-fine filaments generate microfriction perfect for regular maintenance without abrasion. Long nylon filaments increase surface contact.

Bristle Shapes & Sizes

1. Chisel Shaped Thin edges concentrate pressure for attacking ground-in grime across larger surface areas like Fox brushes. Avoid aggressive chisel shapes on suedes except very occasionally.

2. Blunt Round Tips For routine overall brushing, choose brushes with soft rounded bristle tips 1” or less in length that lift naps without shredding like Kiwi horsehair shine brushes.

3. Detail Brush Sizes Slim precision suede detail brushes only 1⁄2” or 3⁄4” wide access confined areas like stitches, eyelets, and crevices. The short bristles concentrate restoring pressure while protecting suedes.

Step-By-Step Suede Care

Follow this complete suede care regimen integrating specialized brushes to continually revive and refresh suede shoes.

Daily After-Wear Care

1. Damp Hand Brush At days end, softly dampen hands and gently brush suede uppers to lift surface dust and restore flattened naps from wear pressure.

2. Horsehair Shine Brush After damp hand brushing, stimulate suede with a horsehair shine brush using light, rapid strokes like you’re painting to redistribute natural oils.

Weekly Deep Cleaning

1. Suede Bar Every few weeks, rub an abrasive suede bar back and forth lightly over entire suede uppers to lift embedded dirt in pockets.

2. Soft Brush
Follow suede bar abrasion by gently brushing uppers with a clean soft brush to remove grey surface debris the suede bar loosens.

3. Detail Brush Use a small detail suede brush to deeply clean confined areas like stitching channels, hardware edges, logos, and overlays.

4. Vinegar Water Rinse Mix equal vinegar and water. Dampen a clean cloth, then gently pat suede uppers to neutralize any remaining alkaline suede bar residue. Wipe with dry cloth after.

5. Horsehair Finish
Complete weekly cleaning with horsehair shine brushing to revive nap texture and Protectant sprays add water resistance between cleanings.

Specialized Spot Cleaning

1. Salt Stains
Dissolve salt crystals with warm water soaked cloth. Rub gently only on stain, then rinse repeatedly with clean damp cloth edge. Dry fully then brush vigorously to blend away light remaining stain.

2. Oil-Based Stains Sprinkle cornstarch, then lightly brush to absorb grease. Allow to sit for an hour before brushing away grey powder complete with embedded oil stain!

Restoring Heavily Soiled & Damaged Suede

Extensively matted, stained, or abrasion-damaged suede requires specialized restoration beyond routine care. Consider professional help for botanical leather renewal or permanent color loss. With less extreme cases, attempt renewal fixes like:

Texture Revival

Use an aggressive wire suede brush to rake flattened naps. Camel hair brush afterwards to lift displaced debris. Finish by vigorously brushing entire area with soft horsehair shine brush to blend.

Color Camouflage

Dab fine tip permanent marker on light scuffs in matching suede color. Feather out edges by immediately brushing vigorously with horsehair brush dampened slightly with leather conditioner.

###Patching Holes Fray adhesive cloth binding into tiny fringe strips. Coat suede hole edges with flexible glue. Press binding fringe into hole using toothpick with nap direction matched. Trim fringe tops evenly. Blend with shine brushing when dry.

While home remedies can’t achieve the color correction and complete renewal professional suede services offer, continuing a suede brush care regimen greatly reduces the need for expensive specialist cleaning in the first place!


Like a magic wand, the right suede brush for daily, weekly, and spot care brings depressed, matted suede shoes back to life through the simple mechanical brushdance motion. Gentle friction lifts away the contaminants while preserving the delicate naps.

By integrating suede brushing techniques into a regular maintenance schedule, shoes retain beautiful brushed texture and buttery soft comfort for years between intensive professional cleanings. A complete suede care arsenal only costs around $25—a tiny price for keeping beloved suede footwear looking spectacular every time you slip them on!