How to Repair Suede Shoes? 7 Genius Hacks to Repair and Revive

Suede shoes can easily get scuffed, stained, or otherwise damaged. Fortunately, repairing suede shoes is possible if you follow some simple techniques. With a few household items and some careful attention, you can often rescue a damaged pair of suede shoes and restore their attractive appearance.

7 Genius Hacks to Repair and Revive Your Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are stylish, but also prone to scuffs, stains, and other damage. Don’t despair if your suede kicks get beat up – with these 7 genius repair hacks you can often rescue even severely distressed suede and restore it to its former glory.

Hack #1: Erase Scuffs
Use a wire suede brush to lightly buff away scuffs, then erase stubborn spots with a gentle suede eraser, abrasive stone or fine sandpaper. Work lightly to avoid removing too much nap.

Hack #2: Wash Away Stains Apply a suede cleaner, gently rubbing it into stained or dirty areas using small circles. Rinse clean with a damp sponge and allow to fully air dry.

Hack #3: Touch Up Color
Mask damaged spots and spray on thin coats of touch up dye or paint to cover scratches, ink marks or thin areas with the original color. Build up subtle layers for a seamless fix.

Hack #4: Stitch Holes Shut Carefully hand sew a suede patch cut slightly larger than any rips, tears or holes using tiny, practically invisible stitches and matching thread.

Hack #5: Soften with Conditioner
Bring back supple softness to roughened suede by massaging in suede conditioner evenly overall and allowing to air dry.

Hack #6: Weatherproof Repairs Once repairs are complete, apply a protective waterproofing spray evenly overall to help them withstand wear.

Hack #7: Blend Colors
Hide uneven repairs by gently brushing and buffing surrounding areas to blend patch edges or touch ups into original undamaged suede.

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Assess the Damage of Repair Suede Shoes

How to Repair Suede Shoes? 7 Genius Hacks to Repair and Revive

When a pair of suede shoes gets damaged, first take a close look and identify what exactly needs fixing. Common suede shoe damages include:

  • Scuffs and scratches
  • Stains from dirt, oils, or liquids
  • Ink marks or permanent marker
  • Loss of nap and rough texture
  • Peeling or worn patches

Look closely at the extent and severity of any damage before deciding on what repair methods to try.

Use a Suede Brush and Eraser for Light Scuffs

How to Repair Suede Shoes? 7 Genius Hacks to Repair and Revive

For light scuffs or loss of nap, using a suede brush can lightly disturb the surface and restore the texture. Gently brush back and forth over affected areas. Follow with a suede eraser, abrasive stone, or very fine sandpaper to buff off stubborn scuffs. Avoid applying too much pressure when erasing or sanding suede or the nap may be damaged further.

Apply Suede Cleaners and Conditioners

For stains, marks, or uneven textures, specialty suede cleaners can lift dirt and restore supple texture. Lightly dampen the suede and gently rub cleanser into affected spots using small circular motions. Rinse the cleanser away with a damp sponge, allowing the shoes to fully air dry afterward. Follow cleaning by applying a suede conditioner evenly over the surface to renew softness and sheen.

Use Touch Up Spray Paints and Dyes

More extensive damaged areas like deep scratches, ink marks, or worn patches often need the help of touch up sprays or dyes to fill in and cover flaws. Carefully mask off only the damaged spot, then apply thin coats of an appropriate color touch up spray or dye. Build up subtle layers slowly to blend into undamaged surround suede. Follow all product directions carefully when using suede dyes.

Repair Bigger Holes with Suede Patches

For tears, holes, or large missing pieces, cut a patch slightly larger than the damaged area out of an inconspicuous section or donor garment of matching color and material suede. Carefully hand-stitch around the patch edges to seamlessly secure it over the hole or missing spot. Use tiny stitches only picking up a few suede threads at a time for practically invisible repairs.

Restore Protection with Waterproofing Sprays

As a final step for fully repaired suede shoes, apply a protective waterproofing spray. Spray a light, even coating and let it dry completely before wearing again. Waterproofing will help finished repairs withstand future wearing and extend the lifespan of damaged footwear.

With some thoughtful care and targeted fixes, even badly scuffed or stained suede shoes can often make a full recovery. Repair rips, holes, scratches, and stains properly and suede shoes will regain their softness and supple look.

Why Suede Shoes?

How to Repair Suede Shoes? 7 Genius Hacks to Repair and Revive

Suede shoes offer a range of benefits that make them a versatile, stylish and practical footwear choice for many people. From their eye-catching appearance to their comfort and durability, suede shoes have distinctive qualities that set them apart from regular leather shoes.

The Unique Appeal of Suede

One of the main reasons people opt for suede shoes is simply because of the material’s distinctive aesthetics. The soft, brushed nap finish of suede sets it apart from glossy leather and gives it an appealing visual texture.

A Luxurious Look

Suede has an inherent elegance and sophistication to its nap finish. It appears more high-end and luxury than typical leather, without the need for glossy polish. Everything from casual sneakers to dress oxfords takes on a more sumptuous feel in suede. The material adds intrigue and depth to any shoe style.

Soft Texture

The fuzzy surface texture of suede also provides tactile interest. There’s subtle, cozy softness you can both see and feel in suede footwear. The plush surface makes suede shoes as comforting to touch as they are striking to admire. The texture invites interaction with appealing contrast to more ordinary shoe materials.


Matte Finish

As suede is never glossy, it also suits current style trends favoring matte over shiny finishes. From accessories to clothing and cosmetics, muted matte tones are now highly desirable over traditional patent or plastic-like high gloss. The natural matte quality of suede plays perfectly into achieving this fashionable, modern matte look.

Improved Comfort in Suede

Beyond aesthetics alone, suede shoes also provide comfort benefits:

Flexible Material

The fibers of suede maintain soft pliability, allowing more flex as you walk. Suede “gives” rather than cracking or resisting bending like regular leather. This makes suede shoes easy to break-in quickly with minimal discomfort. The material’s flexibility prevents pressure points and blisters.

Cushioning Layers

Suede’s signature piled fibers add extra cushioning depth versus smooth leather of the same thickness. This brings an almost slipper-like softness underfoot, reducing fatigue over long wear. The brush nap layers create a pillowy barrier between feet and hard streets.


Suede’s fiber construction also enables excellent air circulation absent in solid leathers. The many tiny cavities between fibers allow heat dissipation and airflow to keep feet cooler. Breathability is especially useful for active shoes worn without socks in warm weather.

The Practical Power of Suede

In addition to looks and comfort, suede offers some pragmatic advantages:


Despite its delicate appearance, suede is actually extremely durable when cared for properly. The bundled fibers are difficult to tear and resistant to cracking or peeling from flexing. Top grain suede in particular rivals leather’s endurance and retains its nap for years.

Weatherproof Options

While some suedes require weather protection, waxed or oil-treated varieties stand up well to moisture on their own. Weatherproof suede handles puddles or light rain without water damage. Features like membrane linings add further water resistance for practical everyday wear.

Easy Maintenance

Basic care like using suede cleaner and protective sprays keeps most suede shoes looking pristine. Small scratches disappear readily with light buffing. Unlike smooth leathers, suede camouflages scuffs well. With simple home maintenance, quality suede shoes last for many seasons before resoles or other repairs become necessary.

Why Do We Need to Repair Suede Shoes?

Protecting Your Investment

Considering the higher costs associated with suede footwear, protecting that investment through careful repairs certainly makes sense. Preventing damage where possible and restoring suede’s beauty after heavy wear helps justify and recover its typically higher initial price tag.

Expensive Material

As a more exclusive material than basic leathers, suede costs more at retail for new shoes. Its production requires added steps like sanding and brushing animal hides. As a result, quality suede shoes range into the designer price points. Making repairs to extend their usable lifespan provides better value.

Craftsmanship Quality

Higher-end suede shoes also often come from coveted brands or feature artisanal construction details. Allowing such well-crafted examples of the shoemaker’s craft to deteriorate with damage or wear seems wasteful. Repairing damage preserves the creators’ original vision.

Restoring Beauty and Function

Even with reasonable care, suede eventually becomes marred with scuffs or signs of wear. But a few simple repair techniques easily restore both functionality and good looks:

Rejuvenate Appearance

Light buffing, cleaning and reproofing refresh suede’s characteristic soft nap and supple texture. Touch-up paints or dyes seamlessly blend away stubborn marks. Invisible interior patches reinforce developing holes early before they expand. Proper repairs keep suede shoes looking revived and fresh season after season.

Extend Useful Life

Preventative repairs stop small issues from becoming worse catastrophes requiring expensive professional restoration or even replacement. Clever home fixes like re-stitching separated soles keep well-loved suede alive for more years of faithful wear. Worn-down heel tips and other basics are cheap fixes.

With the right repair methods, there’s no reason to retire favorite suede shoes prematurely. A bit of careful renewal preserves the comfort, support and style that made them such valued footwear in the first place.

Save Money Over Time

Repairing as needed ultimately costs most people less than routinely buying brand-new replacement suede shoes. Preventing deterioration through maintenance pays off compared to starting from scratch.

Repairs Are Inexpensive

Basic do-it-yourself care requires just inexpensive household cleaners, brushes, needles and threads any owner likely already has. More extensive fixes use bargain touch-up paints and patches available for a few dollars. Even professional resoles or stretching services cost reasonably compared to brand new pairs.

Reduce Waste

Repairing well-made shoes also prevents adding more damaged pairs to landfills prematurely. Given suede’s durability, a little mending goes a long way towards responsible environmental stewardship. Making quality shoes last longer reduces unnecessary waste all around.


With advantages for appearance, comfort, practicality and value, it’s easy to see why more people choose suede over regular leather for shoes. Suede’s singular beauty simply has no substitute. And with just basic care and repairs, quality suede shoes become staples offering years of enjoyment and dependable service. Their longevity easily justifies the higher initial investment. Give suede footwear a try and experience shoes like never before!

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