Nabob Wipers New Lint Free Rags 100% Cotton for Cleaning, Soft Cloth Tshirt Material for Cast Iron, Staining, Wood, Dust Rags, Shoe Polishing 18″x18″ (7 Pack)




Color White Knit
Brand Nabob Wipers
Towel form type Bath Towel
Material Cotton
Product Dimensions 12″L x 2″W

About this item

  • Cotton
  • Made of 100% ring spun Cotton fabric which ensures long term use.
  • Our knit rags are carefully crafted in the way that they are lint-free.
  • Comes in multiple packages. Bulk quantity ensures that you have enough supplies for the month.
  • All of our rags are machine washable and reuseable which makes them super eco friendly.
  • White Knit Rags are multipurpose which means they can be used for home cleaning, dish cleaning, garage cleaning, dusting, car detailing, toilet cleaning, staining, paint jobs and more.

Product Description




You Can Count on Nabob Wipers.

When it comes to your cleaning tasks, paper products can become quite costly. Replace those paper towels or sponges with a more economical solution that can be used over and over again. Unlike paper towels that leave behind lint and sponges that fall apart, these Nabob Wipers New Premium White T-Shirt Knit Rags will hold up to all of your cleaning tasks while leaving no residue behind.

Lint-Free Clean.

Each rag is expertly constructed using premium-quality 100% cotton for superior strength and long-term use. This soft, t-shirt material is absorbent and practically lint-free, making it suitable for cleaning even delicate surfaces like glass without scratching or scuffing the surface. When you’re equipped with Nabob Wipers, you won’t feel the need to say that you don’t do windows. Instead, you will welcome the task!

Heavy-Duty Tasks.

Whatever your needs, these Nabob Wipers Premium Knit Rags are up to the task. They’re perfect for job sites, marine usage, automotive garages and shop maintenance to wipe up spills, grease, oil, tools, grime and other fluids. Even though the material is durable enough to stand up to tough commercial and industrial cleaning jobs, they’re also soft and gentle against your skin so you can use them to wipe off your hands when you’re through.

Cleans Without Scratching Delicate Surfaces.





Perfect for Cars.

These pure cotton rags are super soft, making them suitable for even your most prized possessions. They’re the perfect choice for wiping after a personal or commercial car wash, super-absorbent and leaving no lint so that your vehicle sparkles and shines.

Cleaning Toilets.

Unlike paper towels and sponges that you have to toss out after minimal use, these Nabob Wipers New Knit Rags will hold up to all of your cleaning tasks, plus do a better job. After spraying your bathroom cleaner, dampen the cloth and use it to wipe off the sink, tub, toilet, walls and floor.

Polishing Shoes.

When you go to polish your shoes, using these Premium T-Shirt Knit Rags are a step in the right direction. They can be used for applying the shoe polish and working it into every part of the shoe, as well as for buffing the shoes to achieve a high-gloss shine and make them look like new.

Wiping Dishes.

When it comes to your precious dishes and fine china, make sure you’re using the best materials. After washing, these knit rags are the perfect choice for drying off dishes without scratching the surface or leaving lint behind. When you’re done, the rags can be machine washed and dried for future use.

Possibilities Are Endless.





Painting Rags.

Nabob Wipers are the perfect choice for all of your painting jobs. These rags are made using new 100% cotton material (not recycled), bleached white so it doesn’t leave any color behind on the paint or caulk, or bleed when washing them. Used as painter rags, they will effectively clean up paint spills on the floor and paint drips on the trim, making the job a whole lot easier and much neater.

Staining Jobs.

Wiping is the most efficient way to apply stain onto wood. Fast, easy and effective, these Nabob Wipers are ideal for any staining job and you’re less likely to see color blotches when done. Simply apply the stain with the rag and wipe off any excess before it dries. Make sure the cloth is sufficiently wet when staining inside corners and other recessed areas for complete coverage.


Dusting and polishing furniture may not be one of your favorite chores, especially if you’re using the wrong materials when doing it. After you dust, you don’t want to visibly see dust particles or smudges on your furniture. These super-absorbent rags gently wipe away dirt, collecting that dust while leaving the surface free of unsightly smudges. Can you see your reflection now?

General Cleaning.

Boasting commercial-grade quality, these T-Shirt Rags are excellent, all-purpose wiping, cleaning and polishing cloths. Perfect for commercial, home and office use, they allow you to effortlessly clean any interior space from top to bottom. Cleaning agencies regularly use these premium-quality knit rags for all of their cleaning tasks, ensuring that they get the job done and hold up to extensive use.


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