Saving Your Soaked UGGs: How To Fix Wet UGG Boots

Uh oh. After being caught in a heavy rain storm, your beloved UGG boots are now soaked through and covered in water stains. Before you panic and resign yourself to soggy boots all winter long, follow this comprehensive guide to fixing wet UGGs and restoring them to their original cozy glory.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Wet UGGs Wearing UGG boots while they’re still wet can cause numerous issues over time:

  • Warping and losing shape
  • Cracking leather
  • Discoloration
  • Mold and mildew buildup
  • Unpleasant odors Allowing UGGs to fully air dry first is key to avoiding permanent damage. Wet UGG boots also quickly lose their signature warmth and softness when worn damp.

Here’s How To Actually Fix Wet UGG Boots: Step 1: Blot Away Excess Moisture After wearing soaked UGGs, gently blot them with a paper towel or clean rag to lift away as much standing water as possible. Never rub the boots, as this can break down the suede and shearling lining.

Focus extra attention on damp seams and the sheepskin fur lining, where moisture easily gets trapped. Remove UGG insoles and blot these dry too.

Step 2: Loosen Boot Laces If your UGG style has shoelaces, untie them fully so the shoes remain as open and airy as possible while drying. This allows inner moisture to evaporate rather than remaining trapped inside.

Step 3: Fill With Absorbent Paper Gently stuff UGG boots with balls of absorbent paper like newspaper or paper towels. Change out damp paper for dry every 30 minutes. The paper will continually draw moisture out from the interior lining.

Tip: Place boots upside down to let gravity help excess water drain out of soaked fur lining.

Step 4: Use A Boot Dryer Investing in an electric boot dryer, which fits inside shoes to actively dry them out, cuts typical UGG drying time significantly. Most boot dryers use just enough heat combined with air circulation.

While not mandatory, a boot dryer can dry excess-wet UGGs overnight versus over 1-2 days.

Step 5: Air Dry Naturally In tandem with paper stuffing, allow UGG boots 1-2 days to fully air dry naturally on a breezy porch or garage. Choose an area with good ventilation and air flow.

Placing extra shoe trees inside UGGs can help them hold the correct shape as they dry.

Turn and rotate boots every few hours to expose all damp crannies to fresh air. Leaving UGGs sitting in direct sunlight risks further damage.

Step 6: Use Cornstarch For Stubborn Odors
If your rescue mission wasn’t quick enough and wet UGGs now smell like stale sheep, dig out the cornstarch. Sprinkle UGG fur lining with corn starch and leave it overnight to absorb lingering odors. Come morning, shake out the excess.

Step 7: Clean & Condition
Once UGG boots are completely dry, use UGG brand cleaner to wash the suede upper according to package directions Remove soles and use cold water and gentle soap to hand wash the fur lining.

Finally, apply UGG Fur Tech Refresh powder to re-fluff matted fleece lining or Fur Tech Nourish oil cream to recondition ultra-dry suede or sheepskin post-drying. Break out these UGG boot care products a few times per season to maintain their condition too.

Using this comprehensive air drying and absorption process, even the wettest, most bedraggled UGG boots can make a full comeback. Just be patient and let the sheepskin fully dry before attempting to wear again. Your beloved Uggs may not look or feel quite brand new—but you’ll add months or years more of cozy wear by properly fixing them after an unfortunate soak.

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