How to Glue Shoes Back Together

Having a pair of shoes fall apart can be frustrating. However, you don’t necessarily have to throw them away. With the right glue and techniques, you can often repair shoes and make them usable again. Here are some tips for gluing shoes back together.

How to Glue Shoes Back Together

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  • Shoe glue – Look for one that bonds leather, rubber, plastic, fabric, etc. Shoe Goo is a popular option.
  • Sandpaper – For roughing up smooth surfaces before gluing.
  • Clamps, weights or tape – To hold pieces together while glue dries.

Prep Work

  • Remove old adhesive if present. Scrape off with a flat tool.
  • Rough up smooth surfaces that will be glued using sandpaper. This helps the glue adhere better.
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and dry before gluing. Wipe with a clean cloth.

Gluing Tips

  • Apply glue thinly and evenly to both surfaces being bonded. Too much glue can cause oozing out.
  • Press pieces together firmly and hold in place with clamps, weights or tape. Follow glue directions for cure time.
  • For soles or rubber pieces, hold in place firmly for at least 60 seconds to help bond take hold.
  • Wipe away any excess glue before it dries using a damp cloth.
  • Allow glue at least 24 hours to fully cure before wearing shoes.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t glue shoes when they are wet or damp. Make sure all pieces are completely dry first.
  • Don’t overlap new glue onto old adhesive. Remove old glue first.
  • Don’t glue over dirt, debris or oil. Clean surfaces thoroughly before gluing.
  • Don’t bend glued areas until fully cured. This could break the bond.

With the right glue and technique, many shoes can be repaired and restored to wearable condition again. Just take your time and make sure pieces are aligned properly before the glue sets. Gluing shoes back together can save you money while keeping your favorite kicks on your feet.

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