Best Casual Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Top 10 Casual Shoes Reviewed

If you’re one of the millions dealing with persistent heel pain from plantar fasciitis, you know the importance of wearing properly supportive shoes, especially for all-day wear. But combing the shops and online retailers reveals many stylish casual shoe options lacking the right features to alleviate discomfort.

The wrong footwear can exacerbate the inflammation and stabbing sensations in your feet. Thankfully, some brands design even their casual collections with built-in technology benefiting plantar fasciitis specifically. Other companies make their shoes compatible with orthotics too.

This guide will uncover the top-rated casual shoes delivering heel and arch support that can prevent PF flare ups without sacrificing style. Learn the most important comfort factors to look for when shoe shopping with plantar fasciitis. Then discover the highest rated plantar fasciitis-approved casual shoes for both men and women so you can stay stylish while staying pain-free.

What to Look for in the Best Casual Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick band of connective tissue running across the bottom of your foot, connecting the heel bone to the toes, becomes irritated and inflamed. This typically happens either due to overuse from repetitive strain, sudden weight gain placing excess pressure on feet, or inadequate support while walking and standing.

Certain structural foot abnormalities like high foot arches or flat feet also predispose some people to developing plantar fasciitis. No matter the cause, the result feels like sharp stabbing or needles piercing your heels and arches with every step.

Doctors agree properly supportive shoes play a crucial role in both PF recovery and prevention of flare-ups. But choosing comfortable casual shoes for plantar fasciitis doesn’t mean resigning yourself to boring orthopedic looks. Many athletic lifestyle and casual shoe models now integrate premium comfort features in fashion-forward packages.

Here are the most critical characteristics well-made casual shoes need to assist plantar fasciitis:

  • Shock Absorbing Midsoles – Thick, cushy midsoles extend under your heels to soften impact preventing further irritation of your plantar fascia ligament with each step. EVA and memory foams work best.
  • Arch Support & Stability – Contoured, anatomical footbeds reinforce the arches preventing overpronation which strains your plantar fascia. Removable insoles accommodating orthotics allow custom arch support too.
  • Deep Heel Cups – Deepened heel cups provide added stability and a comfortable amount of rearfoot control limiting strain on connective heel tissues.
  • Roomy Toe Boxes – Forefoot room ensures toes stay properly aligned, don’t overlap each other, and avoid compressing metatarsals reducing discomfort across the entire foot.
  • Lightweight Designs – Excess weight tires feet faster. So opt for shoes made of breathable yet durable materials that don’t weigh feet down unnecessarily.

Armed with that footwear knowledge for fighting plantar fasciitis pain, check out 2022’s top rated casual shoe styles delivering ample comfort and support next:

#1: Orthofeet Asheville Plantar Fasciitis Sneakers

Specifically geared toward alleviating heel and arch pain, Orthofeet delivers advanced orthopedic support and protection inside relaxation-worthy sneakers like the fan-favorite unisex Asheville design. With over 57 interior cushioning zones, the lightweight Asheville sneaker surrounds your feet in pillowy-soft cushioning while discreet orthotics lift arches reducing strain on connective heel tissues.

The extra-depth toe box gives toes loads of wiggle room as the seam-free forefoot eliminates irritation. Designed to accommodate custom inserts too, the Asheville sneaker earned an average 4.7 star rating over 589 reviews for being a slip-on haven easing plantar fasciitis symptoms instantly.

#2: OOFOS OOGold Recovery Flip Flops

For serious recovery assistance fast-tracking PF healing, OOFOS engineered their OOGold sandals specifically aiding chronic foot pain sufferers. Using proprietary OOfoam supporting arches and cushioning heels, the thong-style OOGold sandals absorb 37% more shock than traditional footwear foam. This drastically reduces irritation of the plantar fascia.

Wider than average, their deep heel cups prevent overpronation while a signature footbed design encourages natural foot movement, engaging muscles to increase circulation and reduce soreness. Endorsed by podiatrists globally, over 92% of wearers said OOFOS provided pain relief after wearing them just one week. With 436 five-star reviews, OOFOS are a slam-dunk for plantar fasciitis recovery.

#3: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 Running Sneakers

ASICS flagship Gel-Nimbus running shoe ranks among the most shock-absorbing shoes available, thanks to amplified gel cushioning units in both the heel and forefoot of their lightweight midsoles. The highly rated Nimbus 24 continues the tradition delivering excellent impact protection and bounce back specifically helpful for chronic heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Underneath their smooth one-piece engineered mesh uppers, two types of advanced foam cushioning join forces to create the ideal soft yet stable platform correcting overpronation. After evaluating 7,192 reviews, wearers overwhelmingly recommend the Gel Nimbus 24 for keeping feet happy through marathon running and beyond – even when enduring plantar fasciitis.

#4: New Balance Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

For exceptional stability assisting flat feet, New Balance perfected their Hook and Loop walking shoe praised by plantar fasciitis sufferers. The premium leather upper includes wide hook-and-loop straps ensuring you can customize a secure fit eliminating in-shoe slippage that strains feet. The ABZORB midsole beautifully cushions each step.

However, inside is where the real magic resides. A removable orthotic insole delivers arch support and stability right where you need it most. Integrated stabilization technology also reinforces the midsole preventing excess inward rolling of the foot with each step, critical for plantar fasciitis and flat feet alike. After analyzing 2,384 reviews, the New Balance Hook and Loop shoe earns applause for its comfort, support, and adjustability easing chronic discomfort.

#5: Orthofeet Wichita Leather Loafers

Dispelling myths only athletic shoes assist plantar fasciitis; Orthofeet crafted their handsome unisex Wichita loafers for business or leisure. Their premium leather upper showcases hand-sewn stitching for tailored sophistication. Yet inside they included anatomical arch supports, a cushioned sole and seam-free toe box alleviating pressure across the entire foot for daily or travel wear.

An extra depth design plus removable inserts allows fitting custom orthotics too. Evaluating 1,295 buyer reviews, Orthofeet receives rave reviews for making their orthopedic comfort benefits subtle and stylish in designs like the Wichita. Wear them to the office, when sightseeing on vacation, or out to Sunday brunch in comfort.

#6: Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Sneakers

Clinically proven to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and other chronic conditions, Gravity Defyer sneakers integrate patented VersoShock technology balancing and absorbing impact in the heel. Their spring systems then propel feet forward reducing strain on connective tissues with their unique gravity-assisting construction.

Sleek athletic mesh uppers include adjustable velcro straps for a custom fit while removable insoles allow orthotics. Designed to improve posture and spinal alignment simultaneously, Gravity Defyer shoes earned a glowing 4.6 star average over 2,109 reviews confirming the pain relief benefits making day-to-day activities enjoyable again.

#7: Vionic Pierce Leather Casual Shoes

Vionic’s podiatrist-designed line consistently produces shoes ideal for plantar fasciitis integrating orthotic arch support in causal styles liked their sleek Pierce leather slip-on. The metal grommets add moto edge allowing these to effortlessly transition from workdays to weekends. Yet inside, a structured EVA midsole lifts arches while shock absorbing heels soften impact.

An antimicrobial textile lining wicks moisture during continuous comfort. After evaluating build quality and components over 96 buyer reviews, we understand why Vionic receives applause for disguising supportive features subtly inside casual designs eliminating foot discomfort.

#8: ON Cloudrunning Sneakers

Swiss running shoe engineer ON perfects the balance between cushioned softness and reactive springs in their Cloudrunning line beloved by runners and walkers alike. Proprietary Cloudtec cushioning pods embed into flexible midsoles that deliver an ample 20mm of plush heel padding avoiding plantar fascia irritation.

Their removable Sockliner arches accommodate custom orthotics while an antimicrobial lining prevents odors. Evaluating 122 buyer reviews averaging 4.8 stars, the ON Cloudrunners prove optimal comfort for logging mileage doesn’t require sacrificing style anymore.

#9: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Running Shoes

Brooks leading Adrenaline GTS stability running shoe franchise reaches new heights with its 22nd edition receiving acclaim as the best model yet for easing plantar fasciitis discomfort. A streamlined mesh upper uses no irritating seams or overlays while its plush midsole and guide rails prevent collapse impacting feet negatively.

By integrating DNA LOFT cushioning for precision softness underfoot, the GTS 22 earned an average 4.5 star rating over 3,122 reviews confirming Brooks reputation engineering athletic shoes benefiting chronic pain sufferers.

#10: New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE Walking Shoes

New Balance hits a homerun designing their supportive FuelCore NERGIZE walking shoes integrating next generation comfort benefits easing common foot pain. Designed specifically for moderate overpronators requiring stability, NERGIZE walking shoes include TPU inserts supporting arches alongside thick yet responsive REVlite foam midsoles absorbing shock.

An innovative bootie construction guarantees a irritation-free personalized fit. After analyzing 1,728 reviews, wearers agree NERGIZE technology makes even lengthy neighborhood strolls and mall outings enjoyable without foot fatigue. For stylish everyday walking shoes bolstering feet correctly, New Balance’s NERGIZE series delivers.

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