Stop Slipping! 5 Easy Ways to Fix Slippery Shoes

Having shoes that constantly slip off your feet can be frustrating and dangerous. Not only is it annoying when your shoes won’t stay on properly, but slippery shoes can also lead to falls and injuries. The good news is there are several easy and effective ways to fix slippery shoes and stop them from sliding off your feet.

we will discuss 5 simple tips to help resolve slippery shoe issues so you can walk comfortably and safely.

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  1. Add grip tape or anti-slip stickers. One easy fix is to apply grip tape or anti-slip stickers to the bottom of the soles. These provide extra traction and texture to help prevent slipping. Look for grip tape made specifically for shoes or footwear, often sold in rolls/sheets with adhesive backing for easy application.
  2. Use shoe glue or rubber cement. Applying some rubber cement or shoe glue to the heel and edges of the soles can help restrict sliding. This adds grip and minimizes slipping. Be sure to apply only a thin layer to avoid cracking.
  3. Insert anti-slip insoles. Insoles designed specifically to prevent slipping can make a big difference. Look for insoles with textured rubber on the bottom rather than a smooth surface. This enhances traction inside the shoe. Gel insoles also provide more stability.
  4. Wear thicker socks. Sometimes simply wearing thicker socks is enough to take up extra space in shoes and prevent slipping. The extra cushioning fills up the shoe better so your foot doesn’t slide around as much.
  5. Replace old worn soles. If your soles are badly worn down with no tread left, it’s time to replace them. Visit a cobbler to have new soles put on your shoes for better grip and traction.


Don’t tolerate slippery shoes anymore. With a few simple fixes like grip tape, insoles, thicker socks, and sole replacements, you can stop shoes from sliding off your feet. Implement a few of these tips, and you’ll be able to walk with comfort and confidence. Your shoes will stay firmly on so you can focus on your activities, not your sliding footwear.

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