How to Fix Your Ugg Boots

How to Fix Your Ugg Boots – Ugg boots are a popular style of sheepskin and suede boot originally made in Australia. Known for their soft, warm interior and simple exterior design, Ugg boots have become a winter staple for many. However, with frequent wear, Ugg boots can become damaged and require repair. Here are some tips on how to fix the most common issues with Ugg boots.

How to Fix Your Ugg Boots

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Start by inspecting the boots closely. Check for any rips, holes, or separated seams. Pay special attention to high friction areas like the heel and toe of the boot. Use your fingers to feel for any uneven spots or bumps in the suede or sheepskin. This will help you identify any problems.

Clean the Boots

Before making any repairs, clean the Ugg boots. Dirt, stains, salt stains from sweat, and other debris can hide issues. Use a suede brush to remove any dried dirt. Mix a solution of gentle cleanser and cold water and use a clean cloth to wipe the boots down. Don’t submerge them in water. Allow them to fully dry before assessing issues again.

Repair Minor Scuffs and Scrapes

For minor scuffs and surface abrasions to the suede or sheepskin, use a suede brush to buff them out. Rub the brush over the damaged spot to refresh the nap of the material. This helps blend the area into the surrounding boot.

If gentle brushing doesn’t work, try using an emery board or extra fine grit sandpaper. Gently sand the area in a circular motion, then use the suede brush to blend. Apply a mink oil treatment afterwards to condition the spot and restore color.

Fix Holes and Tears

For small holes or tears, apply a special adhesive made for suedes and leathers. Carefully apply a thin layer into the damaged spot, allowing the adhesive to fully soak in. Let it cure completely. Then use the suede brush to blend the area. Apply mink oil to seal and hide the repair.

For larger holes, tears, and seam separations, use sewing needle and special heavy duty upholstery thread to stitch the pieces back together. Use a whip stitch or ladder stitch to sew the edges of the hole. Pull tightly for an invisible seam. Finish by brushing and conditioning with mink oil.

Replace Treads and Soles

If the treads or soles on your Uggs are excessively worn, they may need replacement. Take them to a qualified cobbler who can assess if the boots can be re-soled and resurfaced. Do not try this repair yourself as it requires special skills and tools. The cost may be high, so consider if replacement is a better option.

With some basic care and minor repairs, you can fix your favorite Uggs and keep them looking great for many seasons. Proper maintenance will also keep your feet warm and cozy. Be sure to condition the sheepskin lining with Ugg products as well. Follow these tips and your boots will stay stylish and functional for years.

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