How to Fix Slippery Shoes Inside

How to Fix Slippery Shoes Inside Having shoes that slip around inside and cause blisters or make it hard to walk comfortably is a common problem many people face. Thankfully, there are some simple fixes you can try at home to help make your shoes less slippery on the inside.

How to Fix Slippery Shoes Inside

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There are a few main reasons why shoes may feel excessively slippery inside:

  • Worn out insoles – Over time, insoles compress down and become smooth, reducing traction.
  • Loose fit – If shoes are too big, the foot slides around. Similarly, shoes that stretch out with wear can become loose.
  • Smooth inner lining – Some shoes have a very smooth synthetic inner lining that provides little friction.
  • Sweaty feet – Perspiration makes feet slippery, exacerbating slick shoes.

Home Solutions

Here are 5 handy tips for making shoes less slippery inside:

  1. Replace Insoles

Worn out insoles are a major cause of inner slippage. Visit a shoe repair shop and get new insoles fitted. Opt for rubber or suede rather than smooth leather. Or purchase over-the-counter insoles made of grippy rubber or gel and trim to fit your shoes.

  1. Use Heel Grips/Cushions

Apply sticky heel grips or cushions to the inside back of shoes. These provide extra traction and friction at the heel, preventing your foot from sliding forward.

  1. Stuff with Tissue Paper

Loosely stuffing the toe area with tissue paper takes up excess room if shoes are too big. The paper provides just enough friction to keep your foot from slipping.

  1. Use Double Sided Tape

Apply double sided anti-slip tape to the inside bottom of overly slippery shoes. The tape’s grippy surface keeps feet in place. Look for tape made specifically for shoes.

  1. Dust with Baby Powder

For leather or synthetic shoes, sprinkle baby powder inside and shake around. This lets feet glide in more easily while absorbing sweat. The powder provides just the right amount of slipperiness.

With a few simple tricks, you can bring new life to old slippery shoes. Try these home remedies for an affordable fix before resigning your shoes to the donation pile. With better traction inside, you can walk comfortably and blister-free.

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