How to Fix Scratched White Leather Shoes

How to Fix Scratched White Leather Shoes when they’re new, but over time they’re prone to scuffs and scratches which can really detract from their appearance. If your white leather shoes have seen better days, don’t despair. With a little care and elbow grease, it’s possible to restore them to their original pristine condition.

How to Fix Scratched White Leather Shoes

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Start by examining your shoes closely under good lighting to see how deep and severe the scratches are. Surface level scuffs can often be buffed out fairly easily, but deeper gouges may require more intensive repair. Make note of the worst problem areas.

Clean Thoroughly

Before doing any scratch repair, it’s important to clean the shoes to remove built up dirt, oil and grime. Mix a mild soap with warm water and use a soft brush to gently scrub the leather clean. Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry. This will give you a blank canvas to work on.

Lightly Sand Scratched Areas

Use extra fine grit sandpaper to lightly buff the damaged areas in order to reduce the appearance of scratches. Work in a circular motion and frequently switch sandpaper as it gets clogged. Be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want to sand away too much leather.

Apply Leather Conditioner

After sanding, apply a high quality leather conditioner to rehydrate and nourish the leather. Let it soak in for 5-10 minutes, then wipe away any excess with a clean cloth. This will prep the leather for polishing by making it smooth and supple.

Polish to a Shine

Next, use a white cream shoe polish and applicator pad to buff the shoes all over. Apply the polish liberally over scratches to help fill them in. As you polish, the warmth of your hands will help the polish melt and spread more evenly. Keep buffing until the finish is smooth and shiny.

Use Whitener Sparingly

If any visible scratches remain after polishing, you can lightly dab them with a white leather whitener pen or tape. This will help fill in discoloration, but use a gentle touch as the whitener can end up looking splotchy if overapplied. Less is more.

Protect Your Work

Once your leather shoes are restored to their original pristine condition, you’ll want to protect them from future scuffing and scratching. Treat them with a waterproofing spray designed for leather shoes. This will help repel dirt and moisture that can ruin the finish.

With a little time and care, those damaged white leather shoes can be turned around to look as good as new. Properly fixing deep scratches takes patience and the right techniques, but is ultimately very rewarding. Just be sure to be gentle and take your time. Your feet will thank you for the revived kicks!

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