How to Fix Peeling Faux Leather Shoes

How to Fix Peeling Faux Leather Shoes – Faux leather shoes can be stylish and affordable, but over time the material may start to peel and flake. This can make the shoes look old and worn out. Luckily, there are some easy ways to fix peeling faux leather shoes at home.

How to Fix Peeling Faux Leather Shoes

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Faux leather is made from polyurethane or vinyl, which are plastic-based materials. Unlike real leather, faux leather has a plastic coating on top that can eventually crack and peel away. This is especially common as the shoes flex during wear. Peeling is also caused by:

  • Exposure to sunlight and heat, which causes the coating to dry out
  • Friction from rubbing against surfaces while walking
  • Degradation of the materials over time
  • Cheap quality of the faux leather

Before repairing peeling faux leather shoes, identify the cause of damage so you can try to prevent it happening again.

How to Repair Peeling Faux Leather Shoes

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Here are some simple tips to fix faux leather shoes when the material starts flaking or peeling:

  1. Clean the Shoes Gently wipe down the shoes with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, dust or grime on the surface. This will help the repair treatment adhere better.
  2. Apply Faux Leather Repair Coating Use a faux leather repair coating or acrylic sealer made specifically for imitation leathers. Apply a thin layer over the damaged areas and let it dry completely. This will bind and seal the peeling layers.
  3. Use Super Glue for Small Peels
    For small cracked or peeled areas, apply a small amount of super glue. Press the area down firmly for 30 seconds until the glue sets. Be careful not to get glue on unaffected areas.
  4. Sand Down Rough Edges If there are any rough texture or edges where the faux leather has peeled, use fine grit sandpaper to gently smooth them down. Don’t sand too much or you may damage the coating.
  5. Buff the Surface Use a soft cloth to buff the faux leather after repairs. This helps blend the repaired patches. Apply a leather conditioner to rehydrate and protect the material.
  6. Limit Sun and Heat Exposure Avoid excessive heat and sunlight which can dry out and fade the shoes. Stuff shoes with tissue paper or shoe trees when not being worn.

With a bit of handiwork, you can easily extend the life of faux leather shoes. Repair peeling as soon as it starts, and your shoes will look great for many more wears. Avoid cheap quality faux leather, and care for your shoes properly to prevent peeling in the future.

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