How to Fix Birkenstock Cork

How to Fix Birkenstock Cork Birkenstock sandals are known for their comfortable cork footbeds that mold to your feet. However, with regular wear, the cork can become compressed, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to fix Birkenstock cork so your sandals feel like new again.

How to Fix Birkenstock Cork

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Applying a cork sealer is one of the best ways to rejuvenate a cork footbed. The sealer soaks into the cork, making it more water resistant and helping restore bounce. Look for a sealer specifically made for use on cork, such as Birkenstock Cork Sealer.

First, clean your Birkenstocks with mild soap and water, then let them dry completely. Apply a thin layer of cork sealer evenly across the footbed using the included dauber top. Let the sealer soak in for 30 minutes, then buff off any excess with a soft cloth. Allow the sandals to dry for 24 hours before wearing. Reapply every few months or as needed. The sealer extends the life of the cork, while also making the footbed more hygienic.

Replace the Footbed

If the damage to your Birkenstock cork footbed is beyond repair, you can easily replace it with a new one. Birkenstock sells replacement footbeds in different styles to fit their various sandal models. Look on the underside of your sandal for the identification code, then match it to the right footbed.

To swap the footbed, first remove the old one by pulling up evenly on both sides. Make sure the sanded side of the new footbed faces up. Insert it evenly, pressing down around the edges to secure into place. The fresh cork will feel revived, while perfectly contouring to the shape of your foot.

Use Restoration Kits

For a more intensive approach, Birkenstock also offers restoration kits to fully refresh your sandal’s cork footbed and leather straps. The kit contains cork renewer, leather cream, a shoe brush, and cleaning wipes.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your sandals with the wipes, then use the cork renewer and leave it on for 30 minutes. This helps revitalize the cork while smoothing small cracks and fills. Next, apply the leather cream to the straps, massaging it in to nourish the leather. Finally, buff everything with the included shoe brush. With regular restoration kit use, your Birkenstocks can feel like new for many seasons.

Protect Your Cork

Simple habits can help your Birkenstock cork footbed stay in top condition for longer:

  • Rotate your Birkenstocks so you aren’t wearing the same pair two days in a row, allowing the cork to fully rebound.
  • Use a shoe tree when storing your sandals to help the cork retain its shape.
  • Apply a protector spray that both waterproofs and adds a layer of UV protection.
  • Avoid getting your Birkenstocks wet as moisture can compromise the cork.
  • Bring your Birkenstocks to a shoe repair shop for occasional professional cleaning and conditioning.

With the proper care and maintenance, your Birkenstock cork footbeds can provide comfort and support for years of stylish summer wear. Use these tips to bring new life to a worn-out pair of your favorite sandals.

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