How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes

How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes – Suede shoes can look stylish and luxurious when properly maintained. However, they are delicate and prone to scuffs, scratches and bald spots. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques you can use to fix bald spots and restore the nap on suede.

How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes

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First, examine the bald spot closely. Determine how severe it is and what caused it. Light scuffs may only require some simple brushing while more damaged areas may need extra remedies. Identify any dirt or dried debris that may need to be cleaned away first.

Clean the Area

Use a suede brush or eraser to gently buff away any dirt or dried debris. Brush lightly in one direction. Take care not to over-brush as this can cause further damage. If needed, use a suede shampoo or gentle soap with cold water to clean the area more thoroughly. Allow to fully dry.

Apply a Suede Reviver

A suede reviver can help restore the nap and color on bald spots. Apply the reviver lightly and let it dry completely. Use a soft brush to buff the area gently to raise the nap. Apply more reviver and brush as needed until the suede looks revived. Let fully dry between applications.

Use a Suede Color Restorer

For spots that still appear faded in color after using reviver, apply a suede color restorer. Find a restorer that closely matches the original shoe color. Apply sparingly to bald areas only to avoid dark splotches. Follow product directions and allow to dry fully. Gently buff with a soft brush. Apply more color and brush as needed until the spot blends with the surrounding suede.

Consider Professional Help

For badly damaged suede with extensive bald spots, you may need to seek professional help. Cobblers have tools and expertise to fully restore suede’s nap and color if the damage is beyond a quick DIY fix. This route is more expensive but may be necessary for badly worn suede shoes.

Protect the Suede

Once you’ve restored the suede’s nap and color, protect your shoes to prevent future bald spots. Use suede protectant sprays or creams regularly per product instructions. Avoid wearing suede shoes in wet conditions. And be careful around rough surfaces that could snag or scuff the delicate material. With proper care, your restored suede shoes will maintain their revived look and feel.

In summary, fixing bald spots on suede shoes involves cleaning, restoring the nap with a suede reviver brush, applying color restorer if needed, and protecting the shoes going forward. With some patience and the right products and techniques, you can give your suede shoes new life. Handle them gently and care for them properly to prevent premature bald spots.

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