How to Fix a Broken Shoe Heel

How to Fix a Broken Shoe Heel – Having a broken or loose shoe heel can be annoying and unsafe. Luckily, repairing a broken heel is an easy fix you can do yourself at home. With a few basic supplies and some simple steps, you’ll have your shoe good as new in no time.

How to Fix a Broken Shoe Heel

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First, take a close look at the heel and see where it’s broken or come apart from the sole. Is the actual heel broken or just detached? Is the issue on one or both shoes? Get a sense of what needs to be repaired.

Remove the Heel

If the heel is partially attached, grasp it firmly and wiggle it off. Use a screwdriver to gently pry it off if needed. Remove any small nails or attaching pieces carefully. Thoroughly remove any old glue or residue from the heel area so the new glue can adhere properly.

Choose Your Glue

For leather or rubber heels, use a strong flexible glue like E6000. For plastic heels, a super glue or plastic epoxy is better. Make sure to select waterproof shoe glue.

Prepare the Surfaces

Lightly scuff the surface of the heel and the inside of the shoe where it will attach. This helps the glue stick better. Wipe both surfaces with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil.

Apply the Adhesive

Spread a layer of glue evenly over the rough area of the shoe and heel. Ensure full coverage. Follow glue package directions for drying time before attaching the heel.

Reattach the Heel

Line up the heel piece perfectly in place. Press down firmly for 30-60 seconds to seal the bond. Add weight on top and let dry completely. The glue may require several hours of drying time before wearing the shoe.

Reinforce with Nails (Optional)

For extra support, use a nail and hammer to add 2-3 small nails through the heel into the sole. Nails are especially helpful if the heel will endure a lot of wear and tear.

Let the Glue Cure

Allow the glue to fully cure overnight before wearing the shoe again. The bond will strengthen over 24 hours. Slowly break-in the repaired heel, checking for any cracks or weak spots. And voila! You can walk confidently again on your fixed shoe.

With a simple at-home repair, you can save those broken heels and avoid spending money on new shoes. Next time your heels start snapping and peeling off, grab some glue and get to work mending your favorite pair of shoes.

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