How to Fix a Broken Croc Strap

How to Fix a Broken Croc Strap an they are known for their comfortable and durable resin material. However, the strap that goes across the top of the foot can sometimes break after prolonged use. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to fix a broken Croc strap at home.

How to Fix a Broken Croc Strap

First, examine the broken strap to see where exactly it is damaged. Is the strap completely torn in half? Or is it just partly cracked or ripped? This will determine the best repair method.

Clean the Strap

Before repairing, clean the broken strap to remove any dirt or debris. Use mild soap and water and let the strap dry completely. This will help the repair adhesive stick better.

Super Glue for Small Cracks

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If the strap is just cracked or partly torn, you can usually fix it with cyanoacrylate super glue. Simply squeeze a small amount of super glue into the crack or tear and hold it tightly together for 30-60 seconds as it dries. Add more glue if needed to completely mend the split. Avoid getting glue on your fingers.

Replacement Straps

If the Croc strap is fully broken in half or has a large section missing, then it will need to be replaced. You can buy replacement Croc straps online or in stores that sell the shoes. Make sure to get the same size and color. First remove the old strap by cutting it off with scissors. Then insert the new strap into the Croc holes and secure it with the Croc rivets.

Repair Kits

For a more heavy duty fix, you can use a Croc repair kit. These kits contain replacement rivets and special Croc glue to permanently adhere a new strap. Carefully follow the instructions in the repair kit to install the new strap and secure it firmly in place. This creates the most lasting fix.

Prevent Future Damage

To help avoid strap breaks in the future, avoid over stretching or twisting the straps. Also frequently check them for signs of wear and cracks. Catching damage early makes straps much easier to repair.

With some simple supplies and techniques, you can easily fix a broken Croc strap at home. Just assess the damage, clean the strap, and use super glue, a replacement strap, or a repair kit to get your Crocs back on your feet comfortably.

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