5 Simple Ways to Fix Slippery Rubber Soles on Shoes

Slippery shoe soles can be a safety hazard and cause you to slip or fall. This is especially true for rubber soles, which tend to get smooth and slippery over time. Luckily, there are some easy DIY solutions to add traction back to rubber soles. In this article, we’ll explore 5 simple techniques to fix slippery rubber soles and help you walk confidently again.

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  1. Use Sandpaper One of the quickest and easiest ways to roughen up a smooth rubber sole is to use sandpaper. Start with a medium grit sandpaper and gently rub it over the sole in circles. This will help create grooves and texture to help grip your walking surface. Focus on high-traffic areas first, like the ball of the foot and heel.
  2. Try a Sole Grip Tape Applying grip tape is another good option for rubber soles. You can find pre-cut sole grip tape rolls online or at hardware stores. Simply cut pieces to fit the areas of the sole needing traction. Remove any debris, clean the area with rubbing alcohol, peel and stick. For the best hold, apply grip tape to dry soles.
  3. Apply CA Glue and Sand For a more heavy-duty solution, you can coat areas of the sole with cyanoacrylate (CA) glue, let dry completely, then scuff with sandpaper. This helps renew traction by building up the sole tread. Super glue brand CA glue tends to work well for rubber soles. Apply a thin layer, let dry 24 hours, then sand.
  4. Repair With Shoe Goop Shoe repair products like Shoe Goo are perfect for fixing slippery soles. Clean and rough up the sole first. Apply the adhesive, allow to partially dry, then sprinkle with sand or baking soda for texture. It will bond as it dries fully. Shoe Goo adds great grip and dries flexible.
  5. Replace Rubber Soles
    If your soles are too far gone, replacement is the best option. Take them to a cobbler to have new rubber soles put on. This isn’t too expensive and resolves very slippery or worn treads. They’ll rough up the old sole and re-sole for optimal traction.


Don’t let slippery rubber soles put you at risk of falls. With a few simple supplies and techniques, you can easily add traction back to worn soles. Sanding, grip tape, glues and replacement soles are all effective options. Fixing your slippery shoes will provide safety and confidence so you can walk comfortably again.

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