Barge Cement Glue for Shoes

For decades, bargain cement has been the go-to adhesive in shoe repair shops. This heavy-duty contact cement bonds nearly all shoe materials from leather to crepe to rubber with a tenacity that withstands heavy wear. Versatile and waterproof, a tube of barge cement deserves a spot in every shoe repair kit.

What Makes Barge Cement Unique?

Unlike white glues that simply dry on shoe material surfaces, barge cement actually fuses onto materials at a molecular level to form an incredibly strong bond.

Contact Cement

It’s considered a “contact cement” meaning both the shoe and repair material need to be coated in order for maximum adhesion once pressed together. No clamping is required as contact occurs.

Neoprene Base

Modern barge cement utilizes neoprene rubber as its base ingredient. This provides both flexibility and water resistance once cured on materials.

Tenacious Grip

Microparticles in the glue grab onto porous and non-porous materials, embedding into the surface texture to create a tenacious, permanent hold.

Barge All Purpose Cement


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Barge All Purpose Cement, Neutral, Quart, 32 fl oz (Packaging May Vary),


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Barge All-Purpose TF Cement Rubber, Leather, Wood, Glass, Metal Glue 2 oz


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Barge infinity cement 1 quart


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Why Use on Shoes?

From worn heels and toes to ripped seams and holes, shoes undergo a lot of abuse. Barge cement is uniquely formulated to patch, reinforce, and rebuild all manner of shoes to extend their life.

Bonds Shoe Materials

The rugged adhesive works on nearly all shoe materials from leathers to synthetic uppers to rubber soles. Even smooth metal grommets and eyelets get a solid grip when set with barge cement.

Withstands Flexing

On high-flex areas like soles or straps, barge cement maintains hold despite repeated bending stress. This prevents cracks or separation during wear.

Waterproof Repairs

Even once fully cured, barge cement retains its water resistance keeping bonded areas from delaminating or degrading after getting wet.

Using Barge Cement for Repairs

With a little preparation, applying barge cement can create long-lasting patches, seams, and overlays.

Prep Materials

Lightly rough up smooth areas first using sandpaper. This helps cement grip. Wipe away any dirt, wax or oils with diluted solvent like alcohol or acetone.

Apply Thin Films

Brush or wipe a thin layer of barge cement on both repair material and shoe area. Coat only what can be joined within 5-10 minutes before cement dries. Smooth out any globs or puddles.

Let Tack Up Partially

Allow 5-15 minutes for coated areas to “tack up” partially drying but still pliable and sticky to the touch. Test by gently touching pieces together and separating. There should be some light resistance but not an instant bond.

Press Into Place

Mate tacky areas together, aligned accurately, and press down very firmly for 30-60 seconds to initiate maximum cement contact. Slowly ease pressure and ensure parts have fully fused.

Clamp for 8 Hours

Use clothespins, clamping bar, or weight items overnight to ensure full strength bond is achieved via completed chemical cure.

Long-Lasting Shoe Fixes

With proper use, barge cement repairs can extend shoes’ wearability almost indefinitely.

Resoling Worn Heels/Soles

Attaching new soling sheets to worn bottoms restores grip and support.

Patching Holes

Filling punctures, tears or cuts with an overlay patch prevents further ripping.

Securing Seams

Reinforce separated or frayed stitching lines by cementing seam bindings along the edges.

Barge cement lives up to its reputation at adhering shoe components like new again. Just be sure to prep materials thoroughly and follow technique for pressing and curing.

Uphold Your Footwear with Industrial-Strength Barge Cement

Trusted for decades on cowboy boots and work shoes alike, rugged barge cement makes shoe repairs that withstand heavy activity. Achieve that professional-grade bond at home with this super-powered neoprene adhesive designed specifically for footwear. Just prep, coat, and press even tears, holes, worn spots with simple patch pieces to get damaged shoes back in action.