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One Running Shoes started as a small blog sharing unbiased shoe reviews of the latest sneakers and running shoe models. Started by avid runner Freddie Johnson in 2022, John relied on running shoes daily for exercise and wanted to share helpful reviews with others seeking advice on athletic footwear.

As friends and readers reached out for recommendations on getting their loved shoes to last longer through small repairs and fixes, John expanded One Running Shoes to include shoe services as well.

Today, One Running Shoes features shoe reviews and maintenance tips from John’s hands-on experience. We also provide personalized shoe services to extend the life of your favorite kicks including:

Shoe Repairs From worn heels to ripped mesh uppers, holes in soles to detached linings—we have the solutions to get your shoes repaired and ready for many more miles. Our master cobbler has 30+ years experience in shoe fixes and modifications.

Shoe Cleaning
We gently clean and deodorize your shoes inside and out. Our natural cleaning solutions lift stains from fabric or leather, remove mud or grime from crevices and restore traction on your shoe soles.

Resizing Do you have loose shoes that are now too big? We can downsize shoes for a better fit for both adults and kids whose feet have grown smaller as well as narrow or widen the toe box.

Custom Modifications Whether you need orthotics added, unique traction for your sport or custom alerts to help children learn to tie laces, we create personalized adjustments to tailor shoes to your needs.

With our expertise and passion for running and athletic shoes, One Running Shoes aims to be your go-to shoe advisors for reviews, care and maintenance. Please reach out with any shoe questions or services needed to get the perfect fit for an active life.

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